Dangers Of Meth Labs

Methamphetamine is a synthetic drug that is made of several chemicals that are mixed in an accurate chemical and dangerous process to form a powerful drug, with high addiction rate. Even though this drug is approved for limited medical use, the most of drugs that are available on the street come from DIY methamphetamine labs, where the majority of them are located near Mexico’s border. The real danger of meth labs is that their number increases by every day, and if we don’t do something about, our youth will suffer.

How can you recognize a meth lab?

We all think of Breaking Bad’s UV with Bryan Cranston. However, it is not so common to see a UV that operates as a meth lab. Still, few facts point to a meth lab.

– Strong odors like ammonia or acetone

– Shacks with blacked out windows

How can you recognize a meth lab?– Open windows, often vented with fans

– Huge amounts of glass containers

– Excessive trash in the form of antifreeze containers, duct tapes, lithium batteries or fluid cans

These are common sings of a meth lab so keep them in mind when you see some unusual shack or cabin.

Where can you find these labs?

Where can you find these labs?Meth labs are often situated in forests or remote locations of national parks to avoid being detected. The byproducts of these labs are sometimes an even bigger problem since they contaminate the surroundings with hazardous fumes and highly explosive chemicals. When drug smugglers leave the meth lab, it becomes a time bomb due to the explosive-sensitive content of the lab – a single spark can ignite the chemicals left in the lab, and it can lead to a serious explosion.

The dangers

Meth cookers leave highly hazardous trash after their cooking work. One pound of meth creates six pounds of toxic waste. You would think there are no chemicals left after the lab is abandoned. However, the chemical residue remains on the stoves, containers, etc. What is more devastating is that all the chemicals used in the process could potentially be radioactive, not to mention that solvent chemicals are all dumped in ground or waters.

Effects on human’s health

Effects on human’s healthCommon effects that a man can feel are headaches, nausea, fatigue, and dizziness. However, these are only light symptoms that you could have if you are not exposed too much to these chemicals. The more problematic health conditions are difficult breathing, chest pain, loss of physical coordination or the risk of burning your eyes, nose or mouth. Depending on the amount of produced drug and chemicals that are left, exposure can even be lethal. A huge risk of cancer disease is the greatest problem of these labs since you can be affected by its chemical compounds very easily.

About the Author

Hi people, I'm Jerry Beckles, and I am fighting against the methamphetamine addiction. I didn't have experience with meth addiction personally, but I have few friends who are struggling with the long-term addiction. I want to help them, as well as other addicts, by fighting this disease in the way I can: by spreading the information on this hazardous drug.