5 Signs Someone You Love is Using Meth

Methamphetamine, also known as chalk, ice, or speed is one of the most common and highly addictive illicit drugs on the streets today. The drug is believed to increase the level of dopamine in the brain, a chemical circuits associated with the mind’s reward, motivation and pleasure systems. The fact that its effects are short-lived forces most individuals to snort or inject themselves with the chemical several times a day in a bid to maintain this state of mind. How then can you tell if someone you love is using meth? Here are five visible signs of meth use apparent in individuals new to the drug and addicts alike.

1. Abnormal sleeping patterns

Meth is categorized as a stimulant and is associated with increased brain activities that disrupt an individual’s sleeping patterns. The sleep disruption primarily depends on the stage of meth use and may range from odd sleeping hours to a state of sleeplessness spanning several days or weeks. Monitoring a suspected user’s sleeping hours may, therefore, help confirm or dispel any suspicions with regards to whether they are on meth.

2. Loss of appetite and weight loss

The illicit drug is also attributed to the loss of appetite and in effect accelerated weight loss. The pleasurable state of mind associated with the substance abuse often inhibits normal brain operations thereby resulting in a host of such adverse effects as loss of appetite.

3. Exaggerated mannerisms like obsessive talks

Like most other stimulants, meth use, even with first-timers results in exaggerated mannerisms like excessive chats with anyone while making little to no sense. In most cases, a user also tends to neglect such essential aspects of their life like grooming and personal hygiene. You might also notice sudden mood changes that shift from seemingly happy face to angry outbursts in split seconds, even with historically non-violent individuals.

4. Increased libido

Apart from dopamine, meth use is also associated with increased adrenaline levels, responsible for arousal. Its use, therefore, increases libido and boosts stamina for sexual interactions pushing these individuals to engage in illicit sexual relations that make them susceptible to a host of infections.

5. A constant need for cash

The highly addictive nature of meth can push an individual from a regular user to an abuser and then addict in a matter of days. As they step deeper into meth use tends to take a toll on their finances as individuals without a regular income flow embark on a borrowing spree after disposing of their valuables.

Bottom line

The earlier you are able to detect meth use with your loved ones, the higher the chance of faster recovery. If you suspect someone is using meth, consider keeping a close eye on them and compare their behavioral changes with these signs of meth use if you hope to save them before they fall into addiction.

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About the Author

Hi people, I'm Jerry Beckles, and I am fighting against the methamphetamine addiction. I didn't have experience with meth addiction personally, but I have few friends who are struggling with the long-term addiction. I want to help them, as well as other addicts, by fighting this disease in the way I can: by spreading the information on this hazardous drug.